Learning the Rules and Strategies of Slot Machines are Easy! Implement Them Today and Walk Home Richer!

The three reel slot machines have gained much popularity in the online casino world. They are tailored to render the maximum profits to the players.

However, players can also improve their chances of winning by learning some tactics and strategies of the game.

Having perfect knowledge of the game and a little experience in it can augment your chances of taking home the biggest jackpots.

As compared to traditional games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps and others, online slots are more famous. The variety of these slots is huge and exclusive.

One such amazing slot is Reel Rush, which a three reel and has 3125 ways of winning. It has some amazing features and outstanding sound effects that captivate the attention of players across the world.

Different Types of Slot Games

The first type of slot is a regular slot game. The payouts in these slots are predetermined and the winner receives them according to the planned program.

Progressive slots are another type of slot game that allows players to place a bet after winning the progressive jackpot.

Yes, you can place the bet with a set of coins that can set settle the cost of coin with which you can play.

This is the only big difference between both types of the slots.

You can deposit the coin and hit Bet One if you wish to play with only one coin. If the same process is repeated for a number of times, one coin keeps on decreasing from the total credit.

Further, bets can also be placed with the maximum coins by selecting Bet Max. Therefore, it augments the rotation speed of the reels.

The Winning Combinations

After the reels stop spinning, they halt with a particular symbol on the screen.

Once they have stopped, you can check out the payout table and compare the results. If three identical symbols appear on a single line, you win a huge amount.

The winning combinations are different from one game to another, which you can check in the payout table of any game.

The entire winnings are cashed at the cashier’s counter, while you can get back the coins used earlier for betting through the cash out button.

Different types of jackpots are determined for a particular coin per spin. It is advisable to place the bet with a maximum number of coins, as it results in better chances of winning.

The coin chance is different in all the slots and you can get the further details in the payout table too.

The Bottom Line

Online slots are designed keeping in mind the features that can attract the players and offer them the highest payout.

The quality of bonus can only be enjoyed if you have placed the bet with a maximum number of coins.

To conclude, you need to make sure to sign up only at a genuine website, as not all sites fulfil what they claim.

This Casino Game Has Maintained Its Popularity Even at Online Casinos! Have You Played Them Before?

A spurt in online casinos is a clear indication of their popularity.

Both, to relax at the end of a tiring day, as well as to while away their time, people have been visiting online casinos now.

Online casinos offer unlimited hours of entertainment with a huge package of games.

Some of the exciting games offered in online casinos include blackjack, craps, poker, slot games and roulette.

On Top of the Charts

Game of slots reign supreme as the most popular of all casino games.

The game of slots has won the vote of young as well as the old players.

Interestingly, both the new players and the experienced players too are enamoured by the game of slots.

Thus, in any casino, the busiest place is where the slots are placed. And as a corollary, casinos have the most number of slot machines, in comparison with other casino games.

Reason for the Popularity of Slot Games

One reason that is cited by all, for the popularity of slots is its simplicity and ease of use.

Players are not required to have previous experience to wager and win here. And for the experienced players, one of the important reasons to prefer this game is the higher payouts available here.

It is a known fact that the highest payouts made available in casinos are for the slot games.

Another crucial factor that attracts everyone towards slots is the exciting formats in which the games are offered now.

Slot machines are conceptualised on interesting and varied themes to take the players through the game.

Sourcing the Thrilling of Slot Games

Internet is a good source for players to find out everything about the slot games.

On the net, players also are able to get valuable tips for winning the slot games. Further, details like bonus offers available at different sites could be sourced through the net and compared.

Now, players’ forums are also being developed online to help players exchange crucial notes about the gaming sites.

Types of Slot Games

Between the regular and progressive slots, preference of more players is the progressive slot games.

In the progressive slot games, the game gets more complex and interesting, as players move to higher levels.

Chances of earning are higher too in progressive slot games, thereby, winning the preference of players by default.

Slot games can be played online as downloadable version as well as Flash games, which could be played, without downloading the game.

This means that slot games like Reel Rush can be played instantaneously without wasting any time in downloading it.

Choose a Trusted Software

All the games in an online casino are controlled by the software provided.

Hence, sufficient care must be taken in selecting the trusted software providers, while opting for online slots.

Reliable software developers make sure that no possibility of corrupt practices exists in the games developed by them.

Professional software companies undertake internal and external auditing from time to time to ensure that no malpractices creep in to the game software, developed by them.

An Insight in to the Different Types of Online Casino and the Games They Offer!

If you’ve been looking for details on the different kinds of online casinos and the various games that they are able to offer, you’re in the right spot!

The Different Kinds of Online Casinos

Web-based Casinos

This type of casino refers to the online website where players can sign up and play. No downloading gaming software is required and the games are generally represented in the browser plugins Java, Macromedia Shockwave or Macromedia Java with the browser plugin support.

Since the graphics, sounds and all the animations of the game are loaded through the plugin, good bandwidth is a must-have.

However, some casinos offer games via HTML interface also.

Download-based Casinos

It requires download of their gaming software to run the games.

The software of the online casinos links to the casino service provider and manages contact. No browser support is needed here.

This type of casino runs much faster as compared to web-based casinos.

It is because the entire sound programs and graphics are situated within the software client instead of loading them. However, the initial downloading takes a lot more time!

Live Dealer Based Casinos

This type of casino renders you an opportunity to interact with other players in the real gaming world.

You will be able to hear, see and communicate with the live dealers at the casino table and place bets in live casinos.

888 Live Dealer Casino is the best casino to experience the live gambling and thrill.

It is all done through software that broadcasts live dealers who are playing real casino games in real time.

Types of Games Offered

There are different types of games offered by the online casinos.

Some of the types include video poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, slot machines and craps.

One of the most renowned slot games that is a favourite of many players is Reel Rush slot by Net Entertainment.

The major features of this slot include free spins, re-spins, wild substitutions and amazing graphics to name a few. The game renders massive chances of winning and one can enjoy it to the fullest.

Benefit from Sign Up Bonuses

To attract new players and keep the existing players intact, many casinos offer sign up bonuses. This bonus generally matches the player’s deposit with the maximum dollar.

However, all the casinos require a minimum amount of wagering before the players are given the cash out. The players who perceive bonus offers for the purpose of profit are termed as bonus hunters, casino scalpers, bonus baggers or bonus abusers.

If you wish to do this in a casino then you have to very careful. Some casinos have strict terms and conditions, which the players do not find to be favourable, while some are rogue.

Strict actions are taken against the casino for committing fraudulent activities. Casinos with frequent fraudulent activities are known as rogue casinos and they tend to delay the withdrawals intentionally.

So, the next time when you plan to sign up at casino, check its history and reviews to ensure that your payments are not delayed.

You also need to assure that the casino you are visiting has no record of frauds and is an authentic one. Once you have looked for the right casino, you can expect to have a lot of thrill and fun.

Slots are Machines After All, So, How Can You Level the Playing Field? Find Out Here!

Is it actually possible to contemplate having level playing fields in slot games?

Who is pitted against whom? Man, a very humble man vs. the computer. Computer is after all manmade, but then not all men are equal!

Some Amazing and Moreover, Useful Tips to Play Online Slot Games

Online casinos have a very strong presence of slot games.

Interestingly, like there are thousands of slot games, equal number of tips is now available, online, about how to win a jackpot in the slot game.

If one suggestion is to play with more coins, another one is to alternate between two slots, during play.

You could play multi-game slot and at the same time be involved in slot game where multiple denominations come in to play.

But perhaps the sane suggestion is to immediately call it quits, when you are on a losing streak.

Quit button provided by the casino on the slots is therefore the ultimate saviour of players from losing their hard earned money!

Enjoying Slots Thoroughly

Since the real joy of playing the slots is by transporting yourself to an imaginative world, slots are made with thousands of attractive themes.

Themes are in varied genres starting from mythological to historical and futuristic. So basically, you can choose slots in the theme you like and start playing the game to forget your worries.

More often than not, you have a reason to cheer up after a nice game of slot, as you may do well and win invaluable money, to take home.

Some Great Advice to Players

Though there is a good chance to win from online casino slots, losing cannot be ruled out altogether.

Hence, it is advised that before entering any online casino, players should realistically budget the money they could apportion for the game, without damaging their other commitments.

Secondly, players should gain complete understanding about the game they wish to play.

Free games available at the casinos offer good practice for players. So, before you start playing Reel Rush slot with real money, trying this slot for free may prove to be beneficial.

Finally, players need to get used to playing multiple games in order to increase their chances of winning.

The Casino Resources

While online casinos provide various resources for players like bonus offers, free games and jackpot offers, additionally, there are plenty of open resources available on the net for players who face issues on multiple gaming.

Online player forums are available too, today, to help players to interact and share their various casino experiences.

Such resources have undoubtedly, enhanced the quality of gaming experience for players, today.

Levelling the Playing Fields

Experience gained in reducing losses in casino games is perhaps the most important step in creating a level playing field.

One way players can minimise losses in casinos, is to go slow at the time of losing.

Players could take a break, if not a total pullout from online slot games, when slots are not favouring them on the spin.

By playing the waiting game, chances of players earning handsomely in online games, increases manifold!

Rush to ‘Reel Rush’ and Earn Big Jackpots!

It is time for you to win more cash by using some secret tips while playing video slots. Although there is no standard strategy or trick that can make you earn giant profits at casino games, there are some tips that can help you walk away with a decent sum!

This article gives you an insight into the ways in which you can increase your chances of winning and doubling your money.

Right Slot Machines to Play With

Online casinos have hundreds and thousands of videos slot machines. Out of these, some pay well, while some have the most difficult winning odds.

To improve your chances of winning, you need to comprehend the right machines to play on. For instance, instead of pay lines, Reel Rush slot has up to 3125 ways to win.

You also need to note that the machine that is meant to pay the highest jackpots possess the toughest odds for winning. It is a general rule that the casino players need to know since it’s quite obvious that the casinos are not going to make the players win easily.

They develop slot machines offering maximum money with the most unpredictable and difficult odds.

Thus, you are advised to always opt for the machine that claims to offer a little less amount than the top jackpot.

If you think small amounts are not easy to earn, then play those slots that allow you to win smaller jackpots frequently.

These machines are expected to do better as compared with the ones offering bigger jackpots with difficult odds. Constant small figures are sure to let you win more frequently than having the biggest jackpot won at once.

Machines with Less Opportunity

Progressive video slots are actually considered to be slot machines that are not a great option for the players. It is simply because the winning percentage of these machines is comparatively lower.

In any casino, these progressive slot machines are interlinked with the other present machines and every bet that you place is added to the jackpot.

In fact, more often than not, the progressive slot machines are connected to the machines present at other online casinos.

However, you are not advised to completely avoid these machines. If at all you manage to win in these, it can change your life significantly.

What you need to do is to keep some amount aside from your bankroll to play these progressive slot machines.

A little smartness and acumen can work for you to win in these types of machines. Do not let your greed for money rise to the level where you are unable to think straight.


It becomes apparent that the best example of the machine that always offers a nice payout is non-progressive slot machines.

These machines may offer you lesser amounts in their jackpots, but they promise you of repeated opportunities of winning.

The reason behind this fact is that non-progressive machines are not dependent. They are entirely independent of all the other machines in the casino or outside the casino.

Therefore, if you wish to win big at video slots and take back home huge sacks of money, then try your hands at non-progressive machines.

Interesting Things about Slot Pay Lines that You Never Knew Existed!

When you are gambling online terminologies like slot and pay line can be new and even bit complicated. Read on more as we break it down for you from the basics.

What are Slots Pay Lines?

These are the lines, which determine whether you win any payout in your slot game. The line has everything you need to have a winning symbol combination.

Modern Slot Machines and Mechanical Slot Machines

The traditional mechanical slot machine was extremely simple and contained only a single pay line.

If you get three winning symbols and if they are in the same horizontal line, you have a higher chance to win.

Meanwhile, the modern day slot machines are much more complicated because of the computer chips present.

There are even slot games that have up to 100 pay lines, although that kind of number is highly rare and unusual. On the other hand, there are slot games that don’t have any pay lines. For instance, Reel Rush slot has no pay lines, instead it has up to 3125 ways to win!

Pay Lines

Pay lines can surprise you by being in every direction you can imagine. It can be running across the reels, simply straight, diagonal, zigzag, horizontal, or vertical.

But, in whichever direction they are, they always need to have the required amount of minimum symbols.

The number of symbols, which you need to line up for a pay line is similar to the number of reels in the game.

For example, if there is a five reel slot game, then every pay line should comprise of five symbols.

Placing Your Bets

In an ideal case scenario, you can place your bets on a particular pay line by using one coin as minimum or more (as much as you can afford).

It is not mandatory for every pay line to be activated at once. But when you use multiple coins, then your chances of activating multiple pay lines in a single spin is high.

When you are playing with a single coin, then you will only see horizontal pay lines active, while additional coins give you the privilege to choose extra pay lines. This is why it is always ideal to place maximum bets.

You also need to remember that unless you place a bet on the pay line, even if the symbols are lined up on it with a winning combination, you still won’t get anything.

Important Things to Remember

  1. Every game is different and it is highly recommended that you understand the payout table before you start playing any game so that you’re not confused later on.
  2. If you are verifying whether you have correctly matched a pay line, then remember you have to start from the left hand reel and then head towards the right reel.
  3. If you have all the symbols and still haven’t won anything recheck whether the symbols are placed from the left-most end. If they don’t start on the reel they might have landed in another place, which doesn’t get you a payout.
  4. When you are constantly looking at the screen it can get a little overwhelming especially when different pay lines are shown at once. Don’t fret as there some great help screens, available, which will show you exactly how the pay lines work.

A lot of experienced players look for the pay lines as they are one of the most important criteria. The more the pay lines are present the more you can place a bet at once.

So, are you ready to take home some win?

Different Symbols and Why They are a Boon to Slot Games?

The main reason for the introduction of wild and scatter symbols to classic slots were for facilitating the chances of winning combinations and bolstering the thrill element in the game.

The only symbols, which are irreplaceable in a majority of classic and video slots by a wild symbol, are the scatter and bonus icons.

As the name suggests, the scatter icon can be scattered anywhere on the reels and does not have to appear in a particular way on any pay line to deliver a win for the gamers.

Bonus features are triggered by bonus icons and are not commonly used in classic slots, but are a common feature in video slots.

Technological Innovations

Technological advances have greatly changed the manner in which slot machines work. Contemporary video slots share a lot of similarity with video games in the sense that reels are no longer static.

They burst into myriad images when winning combinations are attained. Slot machines tell their unique stories through the use of animated sequences whereas movie and television themed online slots comprise clips from shows and films on which they are based.

The wild symbol captures the theme of a slot game in video slots and is often the representation of the slot machine’s logo. The wild icon is often animated and it becomes live when it is part of a winning combination. For example, Thunderstruck 2 and Immortal Romance have wild symbols, which are represented by their logos.

There are times when the wild symbol simply says Wild across it, like the symbol in Reel Rush slot.

Different Types of Symbols in Slot Games

You’ll come across many types of symbols in a slot game. Listed below are a few that you’ll regularly encounter while playing any kind of slot games and how they help you in creating winning combos and making tons of money.

Standard Reel Symbols

The standard reel symbols that you’ll commonly find in three-reel, fruit-themed slots are Cherries, Oranges, Melons, Grapes and Lemons. However, the video slot games tend to have playing card related symbols like Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and sometimes, Nine as well.

These are, of course, the standard reel symbols that you’ll see in most slot games. In addition to these reel symbols, video slot games also have theme-related symbols.

For instance, Reel Rush has a fruit theme, and so, you’ll also come across various fruits like Pineapple, Plum, Lemon and Orange.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are unlike other symbols. They can award a winning payout and/or trigger a bonus game feature whenever you get the required number of them spinning into view anywhere on the slot game screen.

The best part about scatter symbols is that when you play a slot game you don’t need to play with maximum number of pay lines. This is because in spite of a scatter symbol appearing on any inactive pay lines, it’s still considered for bonus rounds and scatter symbol payouts.

Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbols are often helpful in triggering a bonus game on many slots. However, they differ from the scatter symbols mentioned above as you often have to get a certain number of these types of symbols appearing on the reels in certain reel positions before the bonus game is triggered.

Special Features and Bonuses of Reel Rush Slot

Reel Rush is a five reel slot that has 3125 ways to win. It’s one of the most innovative offering from the house of Net Entertainment to hit the online casino market this year.

This offering from Net Entertainment is guaranteed to give the online gamer a substantial adrenaline rush and is bound to be an amazing gaming experience. For every gamer, who wants to enhance their winnings on each re-spin, Reel Rush is the ultimate gaming slot to turn to.

Some Interesting Features of Reel Rush Slot

  • The Reel Rush mobile slot boasts of a simple interface in terms of features and animation.
  • It comes with an advanced music system, which requires the gamer to wear headphones, enhancing the quality and experience of the gaming experience.
  • Reel Rush slot does not come with varied rounds of bonuses, exciting features, intricate mini gaming slots or random wins. However, it has wild and scatter symbols that add a possibility of winning a re-spin on every win. An enhanced sound quality adds to an exciting climax for the game.
  • This slot is loosely similar to Microgaming’s entertaining, Cashapillar slot and also clearly takes influence from the popular game on Facebook, Candy Crush Saga.

Types of Bonus Features

The Wild Symbol

This comprises the Golden Power-Up star, which spins and shines with golden light rays as it completes winning lines. It appears on all reels with the exception of the first reel.

This gives the biggest win to the gamer as it opens the board and it is a substitute for all other symbols in the game.

The Free Spins Meter and Re-Spins

This comprises of 45 pay lines and the thumb rule is every time there is a win, the board opens giving access to more pay lines for every re-spin that occurs after each win.

Five consecutive wins ensure the opening of the whole board and the free spins feature. Listed below are ways in which you’re awarded a certain number of ways to win.

  • Base Game: 45 ways to win
  • First Free Re-spin: 135 ways to win
  • Second Free Re-spin: 405 ways to win
  • Third Free Re-spin: 675 ways to win
  • Fourth Free Re-spin: 1,125 ways to win
  • Fifth Free Re-spin: 1,875 ways to win
  • The Free Spins Bonus Round

In this round, five consecutive wins ensures a reward of eight free spins and the entire board opens up for wins. A total 3,125 ways have been embedded to win this five reels and five 5 row slot game.

Reel Rush slot needs to be played on conventional downloaded browser. If players want to enjoy this slot with enhanced music quality, they need to play this slot on browsers like Chrome, Firefox or any other downloadable browser otherwise the playing of music on built-in Android browsers on older phones cannot be guaranteed to work.

This is advised as the music adds to the excitement of playing as they advance to the free spins round.

Reel Rush slot gives the gaming enthusiasts the thrill of small hit wins as well as an edge-of-the-seat experience. The range of betting in this slot comes across as a pleasurable feeling for most players with the slot attracting the most conservative to the big bettors as well

Reel Rush slot can be played at most Net Entertainment powered casinos like Guts, LeoVegas, Mr Green and Vera &John to name a few. If this is your first time gambling online, then you’ll need to sign up with any of these online casinos to play Reel Rush slot.

A Fascinating Account of Slot Machines and Their Evolution!

It’s probably very difficult to imagine how a slot machine came into existence. But there’s a very interesting story behind it.

Pitt and Sittman who were based in Brooklyn, New York in the US, were the original developers of a gambling machine way back in 1891. As it turned out, their machine would be the precursor to the modern slot machines.

Their machine was made up of five drums that contained 50 playing cards. Based on poker, this machine quickly garnered attention. Soon many bars in the city had more than one of these machines to entertain their guests.

Working of the Machine and Payouts

Resembling the modern-day slot machines, there was a slot for a nickel to be inserted. The player had to pull a lever, which would spin the five drums and also all the cards inside. All the player had to do next was, wait for the drums to stop spinning, and display all the five cards.

At the time, there was no direct mechanism for payouts. Since this machine was based on the game of poker, a pair of kings could get the player a free beer, while a royal flush meant free drinks or cigars. However, the prizes completely depended on what that particular establishment could offer its patrons.

In order to ensure that the odds are in favour of the house, two cards were usually removed from the deck-jack of hearts and ten of spades. This little stunt doubled the odds of not winning a royal flush and hence, land in favour of the house. These drums could also be easily rearranged to reduce the players’ chances of winning!

But Charles Fey, from San Francisco, California in the US was the first true inventor of the slot machines that you see today. He devised an even easier mechanism that was automatic. Many are of the opinion that Fey invented it in 1887, while some believe that it may as well have been conceived in 1895.

Fey’s machine had three spinning reels and five symbols-Liberty Bell, hearts, spades, diamonds and horseshoes. Named Liberty Bell, replacing 10 cards with only five symbols and replacing the five drums with three reels, the complication of reading a win was reduced to a great extent. This helped Fey come up with an effective and efficient payout mechanism, which was automatic too!

If you were able to land three Liberty Bells, you’d receive the highest payout of that time, which was 10 nickels or $0.50! This was the start of the popular slot machines that graced places from cigar stores, barber shops, bowling alleys and saloons to even brothels.

The Evolution of Slot Machines

1963, 1976 and 1996 are the most defining years of the slot machines that you see today.

While 1963 saw the development of a slot called Money Honey that was completely electromechanical, 1976 introduced first video slot that boasted colour display and logic boards.

In 1996, Reel ’Em became the first slot to offer a second screen bonus round.

Reel Rush and Other Slot Games

Since then a lot has changed and the slot games today are even available on mobile devices for gamers to enjoy them on the go.

Reel Rush slot is available at a number of online casinos, which makes it easy for you to sign up with any one and start playing!

The Importance of Scatter Symbols in Slot Games

Most modern-age slot games feature wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus rounds that can ensure you much more winnings than the regular symbols. In fact, these symbols make a rare appearance unlike the regular symbols that show up quite often on three reel or five reel slot games.

The scatter symbol is usually associated to the theme of the slot game. For instance, if the theme of the slot game is about a rich and grandeur lifestyle, scatter symbols may be represented as a diamond ring or any such expensive items that reflect the theme of the slot.

So, if you look at one of the most popular slot, Thunderstruck II, its scatter symbol is Thor’s mighty hammer called the Mjölnir.

Some scatter symbols even have the word ‘Scatter’ across it. This becomes very easy for players to identify a potential scatter symbol.

History of the Scatter Symbol

Back in the day, when classic three reel fruit slot machines were the rage, a scatter symbol was introduced in order to boost the earnings of the players.

At that time, scatter symbols were simple red cherries. These red cherries didn’t really follow any rules of appearing in a straight line or an active pay line for them to award the players with a small win.

So, the more scatter symbols appear in a single spin, the more the players were able to win.

The scatter symbols have certainly come a long way since then.

The Scatter Symbols Befitting Modern-day Slot Games

Once the slot machines were digitalised, the scatter symbols went through a major makeover. Not only were they able to represent them better graphically, but they were also able to introduce more features. One of the most common one being the Free Spin Bonus rounds!

If you’d like to play the Free Spin Bonus round in any slot game, you’ll need a minimum number of scatter symbols to appear on the reels once they stop spinning. Usually three or more scatter symbols appearing after a single spin can activate this bonus round.

However, this may not be the norm for all the slot games. For instance, in the Reel Rush slot, there is no scatter symbol, but the Free Spin Bonus round can still be activated.

The Free Spin Bonus Round in Reel Rush Slot

When you land a winning combination in the main Reel Rush slot game, it activates a re-spin. In this way, you can win up to a maximum of five re-spins. If luck is in your favour, you’ll be able to activate all five re-spins.

If you’re able to land a winning combination after the fifth re-spin, then it activates the Free Spin Bonus round where you’ll be awarded with eight free spins.

Playing a Slot Game with Scatter Symbols

Since not all slot games have scatter symbols, how do you look for the ones that do have them? It’s quite simple actually. Most of the slot games display something called as a Paytable icon on the gaming screen.

When you click this icon, a screen will pop up where you’ll find information about all the symbols, wild as well as scatter, bonus rounds, winning combos and their payouts, how bonus features are triggered and a lot more. So, if a paytable talks about the game’s scatter symbol, you’ll know that that slot has a scatter symbol.